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Arts Management is an academic field of study as well as a career path for those interested in supporting the work of performing, visual, and media artists. Arts Management majors learn a broad range of management and administrative skills, which they then apply to their work with artists and arts institutions.

The curriculum for Arts Management includes studies in strategic planning, fundraising, grantwriting, programming, special event planning, audience development, volunteer management, board development, financial management, and arts policy.

Through a longstanding alliance with the School of Businees, the Arts Management Progam is able to provide students with a strong foundation in business law, accounting and economics.

Who should consider the major or minor? Good candidates include students interested in Art History, Studio Art, Theatre, Dance and Music who wish to combine work in their artistic discipline with management and administrative skills. As well as, working artists who wish to combine their artistic work with management and administrative abilities. Students interested in Business, Economics, and Communications who wish to broaden their career choices may also be interested in a minor or double major. Finally, managers, employees, directors, and volunteers currently working with arts and cultural organizations who wish to become more effective in their positions.