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Graduate Certificate in Arts and Cultural Management

The Graduate Certificate in Arts and Cultural Management prepares a global market of arts leaders in the creative economy through immersive experiences with diverse artists, arts and cultural institutions, and their communities. Based in the School of the Arts, the program is a one-year, 15-credit curriculum of live and online classes, and includes coursework in:

  • executive and fiscal leadership

  • data and cloud information systems

  • arts education and advocacy

  • social justice engagement in the arts

  • strategic planning and evaluation; and

  • managing institutional resources.

Additionally, students may complete the certificate as degree-seeking students in the Master of Public Administration (MPA) and Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (MFA) programs.

A quote by William Greene - This unique opportunity to earn the Certificate in Arts and Cultural Management as a part of my MFA in Creative Writing was the chief reason that I chose to study at the College of Charleston. The certificate classes, each taught by award-winning faculty and active industry professionals, have equipped me with the knowledge base and skillset that I need moving forward into a meaningful career in the world of creative nonprofits.

ARCM Curriculum:

ARCM 560 | Leading Arts and Cultural Organizations in a Global Society (Live|Online - Fall Semester)

ARCM 561 | The Patron-based Arts Organization (Live|Online - Spring Semester)

ARCM 562 | Managing Arts and Cultural Resources (Live|Online - Fall Semester)

ARCM 563 | Data Management and Cloud-based Technologies for Arts and Cultural Organizations (Online - Spring Semester)

ARCM 564 | Arts Education, Community Engagement, and Advocacy (Live|Online - Spring Semester, Summer Option)

Master of Public Administration

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) with an Arts and Cultural Management (ARCM) area of focus allows students to earn the Graduate Certificate in Arts and Cultural Management as part of their MPA degree.

The core curriculum focuses on mastering the professional competencies associated with contemporary public service leadership and management. Graduates have what is needed to create public value; lead and manage in public governance; effectively participate in the policy process; and work productively with a diverse and changing workforce and citizenry. Dedicated faculty and professionally qualified public sector leaders engage students in active, reflective, often hands-on learning experiences that add practical perspective to the academic content.

By electing to pursue the Arts and Cultural Management area of focus, students will be able to tailor their course of study to best prepare them for careers in both nonprofit and commercial and arts and cultural institutions. Along with the 18 credit hours of the core MPA curriculum and a 3-credit hour internship, students will take 15 credit hours of Arts and Cultural Management courses in place of their elective requirements. This comprehensive curriculum will fully prepare MPA graduates to apply their diverse knowledge and experience to careers in the creative economy.

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Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Set in historic and cosmopolitan Charleston, the two-year, residential Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program offers an inclusive and intimate writing community. It's designed for full-time students and offers two areas of emphasis: Studio or Arts and Cultural Management (ARCM). The backbone of the program consists of workshops in fiction and poetry, as well as training in the history and traditions associated with writing, theoretical and formal approaches to the craft, and intensive peer and faculty feedback. Students benefit from the wisdom, expertise, and love of the word and its teaching by nationally and internationally acclaimed writers who have long been practicing and professing the art. This is the only MFA program that offers the opportunity to earn an Arts and Cultural Management Graduate Certificate alongside the MFA degree. 

MFA students in the ARCM area of focus will complete the 15 credit hour Graduate Certificate in ARCM along with four workshops, one literature course, and one creative writing elective. 

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