Arts Management Program

Ours is one of the few arts management programs in the Southeast for undergraduates, and the only one in South Carolina offering a major and minor. The program is uniquely situated in a vibrant city with a flourishing arts community. Students have numerous opportunities for internships, career networking, independent studies, and special projects. In addition, our faculty members all have strong professional connections and broad experience – both regionally and nationally – within the arts.

❱❱ Local artists, administrators, and managers augment our course offerings. For instance, Grammy-award-winning musician Mark Bryan of Hootie and the Blowfish is the Program’s Artist in Residence Emeritus, and Grammy-nominated drummer Quentin Baxter is the host of IN THE MIX, the Program's music industry series.

The faculty and staff of the Arts Management Program and the Graduate Certificate in Arts and Cultural Management embrace an inclusive community of people from various backgrounds, experiences and thoughts. This diversity includes ethnicity, race, age, philosophies, socio-economic status, gender and sexual orientation, language, regionality, social and life experiences, religious beliefs and affiliations, political views, and heritage. All are celebrated by our program.