Student Information

Arts Management majors and minors must complete a 120-hour (3 credit) internship during their junior or senior year. Students may choose to participate in an internship during the fall, spring, or summer semesters. Students may complete two internships for credit. Since internships are a 3-credit course, students are responsible for tuition like any other course.

Are you eligible to complete your internship for credit?

The prerequisites for ARTM 400 and 401 are as follows:

ARTM 400: Arts Management Internship
  • junior or senior-standing
  • ARTM 310 with a C- or higher
ARTM 401: Music Industry Internship
  • junior or senior-standing
  • ARTM 210 and ARTM 310 with a C- or higher

Application Process

Planning for an internship must begin months ahead of time. Please follow these steps to prepare for your Arts Management internship:

  1. Prepare your resume and cover letter. For assistance, visit the Career Center drop in hours M-F 2:00 - 4:00pm or make an appointment on Appointment Manager. 

  2. Search for available arts-oriented internship opportunities. START EARLY! Check out our Internship Opportunities page, check your email, visit websites of local arts organizations, and meet with your advisor to discuss specific opportunities. See below for qualifying criteria.

  3. Submit the Intent to Complete an Internship form to let us know you’re planning on completing an internship. This form does not enroll you in ARTM 400 or 401; it just helps us with planning.

    >Summer 2020 Intent Deadline: May 1, 2020
    >Fall 2020 Intent Deadline: August 1, 2020

    Note: If you secure an internship after either of these dates and would still like to complete it for course credit, please contact Claire Long at

  4. Apply for internships! You are responsible for securing your own internship. 

Qualifying Internship Criteria

In order for an internship to count for course credit for ARTM 400 or 401, it must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be with an arts-oriented or music industry-oriented organization. To clarify, this means that the organization itself must be arts-oriented, not just the nature of the work you are completing. The organization must fall within one of these categories: Museums & Collections; Performing Arts; Visual Arts & Photography; Film, Radio, & Television; Design; Literary Arts; Arts Education; Creative Placemaking; Arts Agencies & Service Organizations (Governmental or NGO); or Music Industry. Hospitality-type internships with hotels, food service businesses, and non-arts-specific event planning companies will NOT be approved for ARTM 400 or 401.

  • It must take place in an office or professional work environment, NOT in a personal residence or places like coffee shops. Home studios are also not permitted.

  • You must be able to work at least 120 total hours during the internship.

  • The host organization must have had a formal internship program for at least one year.

Not sure if an organization will count for credit? Send an email to your advisor or to Claire Long at before applying.

Checklist: Enrolling in ARTM 400 & 401

***Internships are individual enrollment courses, so you cannot register yourself on MyCharleston.***

  1. Once you have been offered and have accepted an internship position, please send the link to the Internship Learning Agreement (ILA) to your internship site supervisor, and ask them to complete Part I and send it directly to Claire at

    --> Copy and paste this link into an email to send to your supervisor:

    >Summer 2020 ILA Deadline: rolling until June 15, 2020 (but the sooner the better!)
    >Fall 2020 ILA Deadline: August 31, 2020

  2. After we receive the ILA from your supervisor, we will send you an Individual Enrollment form and a liability waiver to register you in the class. We will not send you these forms until we have received your ILA. 

    Note: Your internship placement is subject to approval by the Arts Management Program. Just because your supervisor submits a signed ILA does not guarantee that it will be approved. 

  3. After we have received all of this paperwork, we will send your information to the Registrar's Office for enrollment in ARTM 400 or 401. 

    Remember, you do not register yourself for internships. You will only be enrolled in the course after you have secured an internship, your supervisor has submitted a signed ILA, and we have received the remaining enrollment paperwork. We will submit this paperwork to the Registrar's Office, and you will be enrolled in ARTM 400 or 401.

***You must have submitted your paperwork and be registered for the course before beginning your internship.***

Internship Course Requirements

Once enrolled in ARTM 400 or 401, you will have access to all course information and materials on OAKS, including the syllabus and a detail of all assignments. As part of the three-credit-hour course, interns are responsible for eleven journal entries, a final paper, a revised resume, and a self-evaluation, in addition to 120 hours of onsite work at their internship location.

If you have questions, contact Claire Long ( or your advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions: Summer Internships

Q. Do I have to pay tuition to complete a for-credit internship over the summer?
A. Yes. To complete an internship for credit, you are enrolled in either ARTM 400 or 401, a 3-credit hour course. When you're enrolled in the internship course, you are responsible for several assignments that you will submit through Oaks. For tuition rates, please visit the Treasurer's Office website. For the billing schedule, visit this page.

Q. Can I complete my internship over the summer and be enrolled in ARTM 400 or 401 in the following fall semester?
A. No. The Arts Management Program does not grant retroactive credit for internships. You must be enrolled in ARTM 400 and 401 during the semester in which you are completing the internship.

Q. Can I complete my internship in the beginning of the summer and be enrolled in ARTM 400 or 401 during a later summer term?
A. No. The Arts Management Program does not grant retroactive credit for internships. You must be enrolled in ARTM 400 and 401 before you begin your internship.

Q. Do I have to do my summer internship in Charleston?
A. No! You may complete an internship in any city, as long as it is an arts management or music industry internship that is approved by our program. See “Qualifying Internship Criteria” above. If you're completing a for-credit internship outside of South Carolina, consider applying for the Out-of-State Internship Tuition Stipend.

Q. What should the dates of my summer internship be?
A. Summer internship dates are flexible, as long as you complete the required 120 hours at your internship sometime between mid-May and early August. We understand that many summer internships do not have flexibility with scheduling, so we will enroll you in the session in which your internship begins.

Q. In which summer term will I be enrolled?
A. You will be enrolled in the term in which your internship begins. If the term ends before your internship is complete, you will receive a grade of “Incomplete” until you finish your internship hours and coursework. Your faculty supervisor will work with you on an individual basis to determine your assignment submission timeline. Refer to the chart below for internship term information:

If your internship starts during the following dates...

You will be enrolled in this term...

But we must have your ILA and other paperwork by...

May 11 - June 1

Extended Summer

May 14

June 2 - July 7

Summer I

June 4

After July 8

Summer II

June 15

Q. I submitted an Intent to Complete an Internship Form but no longer plan to complete an internship in the summer. What do I do?
A. No worries! Email Claire if you change your mind and she will update your file. You may complete an internship during a later semester.