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1770 Records

Recently voted "Best Reason to Enroll at CofC" by the Charleston City Paper, 1770 Records is a student-run record label that aims to provide emerging artists and aspiring music business entrepreneurs with a start in the music industry. Founded in 2011 by students in the Arts Management Program's Music in the Marketplace course, the label is now one of the College's official student organizations. In the past year, 1770 Records held album release shows, partnered with various music industry entities, and participated in several festivals including JAIL BREAK and Bandswap. 

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Recent Releases:

Mr. Rosewater "Refuge"
Sex Wax "Eulogy For Our Youth"

Cole Collins "The Product"
Great Yankee "Man on Stilts"
Carina Point "Marionette"
Orange Doors "Noggin"
Little Bird "Monroe"

Mark Bryan "Only Love Can Satisfy"
BYOG "Lefty Lucy"
MooseKick "Dementia"
Big Yen "What Is"
Holiday Compilation EP w/ Jordan Igoe, Tyler Boone, and Sun-Dried Vibes

What students are saying about 1770:

1770 Records is College of Charleston's only student-run record label and one of the newest organizations on campus. The record-label organizes concert events and helps promote the music of local artists with a particular interest in our own up-and-coming artists at the College of Charleston. As an Arts Management major, a musician myself, and someone who plans on working in many different areas of the music industry, I suggest that anyone else who has the same goals and interests get involved with 1770 Records. You will learn how to get press in local media, coordinate live events, and promote artists, shows, and releases. There is nothing else that could prepare you more for an internship and a career in music than the hands-on experience you will get from being involved with 1770 and the Arts Management program. Not only does it give students a chance to make real things happen in the local music industry but it also gives artists at CofC a place to go when they need help networking, getting gigs, and promoting their music. 1770 Records is a great contribution to the Arts Management program and the college community.
- Estee Gabay, Class of 2013

1770 Records and the Music to Marketplace classes have been an integral part of my college career and a wonderful source of clean entertainment. It has given me an outlet to quench my thirst for the live music scene while learning the ins and outs of how everything works in the music business. From public relations to booking to actually manufacturing and releasing a compilation cd, the classes involved with 1770 Records have been the most captivating and useful for me here at The College and I encourage anyone who wants to pursue a career in the modern music industry to enroll in them.
- Ross Jones, Class of 2013