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Music Industry Concentration

The Arts Management Program is excited to announce the launch of its new Music Industry Concentration!  This optional concentration prepares students for careers in the music industry through relevant coursework in areas such as record company operations, artist and venue management, legal issues, public relations, marketing and merchandising.  The concentration requires 18 credit hours for arts management majors.  The required courses are:

ARTM 210/Introduction to the Music Industry: This course is particularly valuable for students with career interests in the music business.  It provides an overview of the music industry; development of the artist-manager relationship; development of an artist's career plan/image; negotiating contracts; booking; promotion; recording demos; music distribution; new technologies; sound/light enhancements.

ARTM 230/History of the Recording Industry: From Columbia, Victor, and Edison to today's record label marketplace, we will examine the rise (and potential fall) of the album, how indie labels changed the way music is made and distributed, the role record labels play in today's music business, and whether the industry is adapting or bound for extinction.

ARTM 330/Music in the Marketplace: This course will introduce students to the CD release process of recording, manufacturing, distribution, and promotion.  Emphasis will be on the legal and financial challenges faced by small labels, how labels and musicians work together in the new music marketplace, the development of skills to help manage artists, and the use of social media marketing.

ARTM 360/Presenting the Performing Arts (Fall 2014): A study of presenting, producing and managing the performing arts in a changing cultural environment.  The class will cover scheduling, booking, touring, and labor relations for dance, theatre and music with students participating in hands on experiential learning at selected local nonprofit and commercial venues.  

ARTM 390/Legal Aspects of the Entertainment Industry:  This course intends to create a broad practical knowledge of legal issues related to music, film, television and the arts.  It explores constitutional and legal issues governing what we see, hear and read in the entertainment world, plus creative licensing, music publishing, recording contracts and other topics in the entertaiment world.

ARTM 401/Music Industry Internship:  Provides students an experential learning and research opportunity with a sponsoring music industry-oriented organization.


Launched in January 2014 with special guests Darius Rucker and Cary Ann Hearst, IN THE MIX is an Arts Management produced speaker series connecting musicians and students to music industry leaders. The fall IN THE MIX series kicked off in August with "BUILDING YOUR TEAM" featuring Ashley Flowers from Chucktown Music Group, entertainment lawyer Gus Gusler, and manager Doc McGhee. Join us for the next 3 sessions on September 22nd, October 20th and November 17th at 6:30 pm in the Simons Center Recital Hall. more...

Building Your Team

Pictured above: ARTM Music Industry adjunct faculty Ron Mendola, Mark Bryan, and Will Lewis with special guests Ashley Flowers from Chucktown Music Group, entertainment lawyer Gus Gusler, and manager Doc McGhee.

1770 Records

College of Charleston's 1770 Records is a student run record label launched in the Fall of 2011 through the College's Arts Management Department. The record label was started and is run by students in the course ARTM 330: Music to the Marketplace. The label aims to provide emerging artists and aspiring music business entrepreneurs with a start in the music industry by offering opportunities to promote new releases and plan concert events.

Pre Exam Jam


Fall 2011: Earlybird by Will Hastings (single)

Spring 2012: Chucktown Sounds by Various Artists (compilation featuring a collection of local Charleston acts)

Get information about 1770 RECORD on their webpage, on Facebook or follow them on twitter.

What students are saying about 1770:

1770 Records is College of Charleston's only student-run record label and one of the newest organizations on campus. The record-label organizes concert events and helps promote the music of local artists with a particular interest in our own up-and-coming artists at the College of Charleston. As an Arts Management major, a musician myself, and someone who plans on working in many different areas of the music industry, I suggest that anyone else who has the same goals and interests get involved with 1770 Records. You will learn how to get press in local media, coordinate live events, and promote artists, shows, and releases. There is nothing else that could prepare you more for an internship and a career in music than the hands-on experience you will get from being involved with 1770 and the Arts Management program. Not only does it give students a chance to make real things happen in the local music industry but it also gives artists at CofC a place to go when they need help networking, getting gigs, and promoting their music. 1770 Records is a great contribution to the Arts Management program and the college community.
- Estee Gabay, Class of 2013

1770 Records and the Music to Marketplace classes have been an integral part of my college career and a wonderful source of clean entertainment. It has given me an outlet to quench my thirst for the live music scene while learning the ins and outs of how everything works in the music business. From public relations to booking to actually manufacturing and releasing a compilation cd, the classes involved with 1770 Records have been the most captivating and useful for me here at The College and I encourage anyone who wants to pursue a career in the modern music industry to enroll in them.
- Ross Jones, Class of 2013


For more information, contact Anja Kelley in the Arts Management Program.