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Internship Sponsor Information


Thank you for your support of the College of Charleston Arts Management Program and our Internship Program.  These internship experiences with arts organizations have offered our students challenging opportunities to learn first hand what they would only otherwise read in books.

The College of Charleston’s Arts Management Program internships provide arts management students with valuable exposure to the working world and increase chances for future employment. The internship also provides the sponsoring organization a unique opportunity to help develop future arts leaders and become an Arts Management Program Community Learning partner.  The primary learning goals of an internship are:

  1. to acquire hands-on experience in arts management or a related field;
  2. to explore new professional activities;
  3. to apply conceptual knowledge and skills to the work environment;
  4. to experience the challenges and successes of efficiently and effectively working within a complex organization; and
  5.  to "learn by doing."

Employers view internship experience as valuable, particularly if the student does a good job and acquires a strong letter of recommendation from the organization. Internships also provide students with the opportunity to network and make connections that may lead to a future full-time, paid position within the arts management field.  In some cases, arts management graduates have been hired by the organization that sponsored their internship.

Internship sponsors should treat interns as apprentices. Interns should be assigned regular work hours and tasks and should be allowed to observe what goes on in the organization. Interns are expected to dress and behave in a professional manner, completing projects according to assigned deadlines.

Contact Anja Urbanski Kelley at with any questions.