Chris Burgess

Senior Instructor / Director, Arts Management Program

Address: Harbor Walk West, Room 205
Office Hours: By appointment

Chris Burgess has taught in the Arts Administration field for over fifteen years with particular focus on Arts Financial Management and Cultural Policy. He has also worked with many types of arts organizations in a variety of capacities. Most recently he was the Executive Director for Enough Pie, a creative placemaking organization focused on the Upper Peninsula of Charleston, as well as Interim Executive Director for the Jazz Artists of Charleston (now Charleston Jazz). He is a former Barnett Fellow at The Ohio State University and his recent academic projects consist of publications across various cultural policy topics including deaccessioning, creative sector interrelationships, and arts financial management.

Research Interests

Cultural economics and finance; social capital; intellectual property and digital rights management; cultural policy theoretical frameworks; policy community dynamics; cultural diplomacy; arts education policy; arts administration practices.

Courses Taught

ARTM 200: Introduction to Arts Management

ARTM 340: Arts Financial Management

ARTM 400: Arts Management Internship

ARTM 499: Bachelor's Essay


Coauthor: Deaccessioning: A Policy Perspective with Dr. Rachel Shane. Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society Fall 2011: 41(3), 170-85.

Coauthor: Interrelations in the Arts and Creative Sector with Dr. David Pankratz (2008). Understanding the Arts and Creative Sector in the United States (coeditors: Joni Cherbo, Ruth Ann Stewart, Margaret Wyszomirski.) New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.

Author: Economics of Programming: Arts Financial Management from Macro to Micro (2008). Arts and Cultural Programming: A Leisure Perspective (coeditors: Doug Blandy and Gaylene Carpenter). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

Author: Multiple Streams and Policy Community Dynamics: The 1990 NEA Independent Commission. Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society Summer 2006: 36(2), 104-26.

Coauthor: Moving Rivers, Shifting Streams: Perspectives on the Existence of a Policy Window with Dr. Ann Galligan. Arts Education Policy Review, Nov/Dec, 2005.