Faculty and Staff

The faculty of the Arts Management Program have strong professional connections and broad experience – regionally, nationally, and internationally – within the arts.

Roster Faculty and Staff

Burgess, Chris | Visiting Assistant Professor

M.A. Arts Policy and Administration; B.A. Arts Management

Expertise: arts financial management and cultural policy

Chandler, Karen Associate Professor Emerita

Ph.D. Arts and Humanities; M.A. Music Education; B.S. Music Education

Expertise: leadership, the humanities and performing arts research, grants review, jazz culture

Ferrell, Rebecca A. | Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Candidate, Arts Administration, M.F.A. Dance; B.F.A. Dance and Choreography

Expertise: cultural policy and advocacy, grant writing, choreography

Keeney, Kate Program Director / Associate Professor / ARCM Graduate Certificate Faculty

Ph.D. Public Administration and Public Affairs, M.A. Arts Management; B.M. Viola Performance

Expertise: cultural policy, organizational leadership, arts management pedagogy

Long, Claire | Program Coordinator / Director of Experiential Learning

Ph.D. Candidate, Leadership (Business); M.A.M. Arts Management; B.A. Arts Management

Expertise: administration, operations, arts accessibility, career readiness, professionalism in the arts

McDonald, Heather | Instructor (Music Industry)

Ph.D. Candidate, Arts Administration; M.B.A. Music Business; B.A. International Studies and Economics

Expertise: music industry, artist management, booking and promotion, cultural policy and law

Wu, Hsin-Ching | Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Public Policy; M.A. Arts Management and American Studies; B.A. English

Expertise: cultural policy, cultural representation, place branding, e-governance, racial/ethnic disparities

Adjunct Faculty 

Baxter, Quentin Drummer/Producer and Member of Grammy-Award Winning Band, Ranky Tanky

Expertise: music industry and performance

Brack, Catherine Director of Development, Youth America Grand Prix

M.M. Musicology; B.S. History and Musicology

Expertise: development, fundraising, grantwriting

Greene, William 

M.A. English; M.F.A. Creative Writing; Graduate Certificate, Arts and Cultural Management; B.A. Writing

Expertise: music industry, audio and video production, music education and performance

Hirsch, Katie Director, Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art

M.A. Art History; B.A. Art History

Expertise: museum and gallery curation, visual arts management, material culture

Kornegay, Lori 

M.A. Art History; B.A. Art History

Expertise: art business, public engagement, museum, and gallery curation

Leigh, Erin Founder and Artistic Director of Dance Matters, Charleston, SC / ARCM Graduate Certificate Faculty

M.F.A. Dance 

Expertise: arts education, dance, artistic direction

Liberty, Simone 

M.A. Public Administration; B.A. Arts Management 

Expertise: public administration, professionalism in the arts

Michel, Nathan 

Ph.D. Music Composition

Expertise: composition, audio production, music industry

Natarajan, Mary BethChief Advancement Officer, Dayton Performing Arts Alliance / ARCM Graduate Certificate Faculty

M.A. Communication and Marketing; B.A. Marketing

Expertise: arts marketing and technology

Palmisano, Evie Assistant Technical Director, Sottile Theatre

M.A. Music Technology, B.A. Arts Management

Shanklin-Peterson, Scott | Senior Fellow / Former Program Director

B.A. Visual Arts

Expertise: arts policy, advocacy

Watson, Scott Director of the CHS Office of Cultural Affairs / ARCM Graduate Certificate Faculty

M.A. Eastern Classics; B.A. History

Expertise: cultural affairs, communications, community arts, civic engagement

Wohl, David

Ph.D. Theatre; M.A. Dramatic Arts; B.A. Psychology

Expertise: arts education policy, media studies, grant writing, financial management

Affiliated Faculty 

Clement, Jeremy Senior Instructor and Internship Coordinator
Department of Hospitality and Tourism

Neufeld, Jonathan Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy and Director of the Washington Semester Program for Democracy, Culture, and the Arts