Message from the Director

An image of Kate Keeney in the Cistern Yard on the College of Charleston campus.

Welcome to the Arts Management Program at the College of Charleston! Our program prepares students to become leaders, managers, and integral members of arts organizations. The courses in the program emphasize management, organization, decision-making, and problem-solving skills relevant to the creative sector. Internships and participation in the School of the Arts and community arts organizations reinforce classroom experiences. We are fortunate to have local artists, administrators, managers, and other arts professionals engage our students in the classroom.

We strongly encourage students to pursue additional studies in the fine arts, business, or related disciplines to complement arts management coursework. Common double majors and minors include business, marketing, communication, and the visual and performing arts. 

Learn more by visiting our page, Getting Started. Additionally, we encourage prospective students to arrange in-person and virtual meetings with me or other members of the faculty.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Kate Keeney, Ph.D., Program Director


The Arts Management Program prepares students for careers and engagement that advance a resilient creative sector. Through a multidisciplinary curriculum, faculty mentorship, and experiential learning, the program emphasizes strategic thinking, collaboration, and innovation in arts leadership.


Through intentional and comprehensive education, the Arts Management Program advances equity and inclusion to foster effective scholarship, stewardship, and leadership in the arts.

Commitment to Anti-racism and Justice

The faculty and staff of the Arts Management Program and the Graduate Certificate in Arts and Cultural Management embrace an inclusive community of people from various backgrounds, experiences and thoughts. This diversity includes ethnicity, race, age, philosophies, socio-economic status, gender and sexual orientation, language, regionality, social and life experiences, religious beliefs and affiliations, political views, and heritage. All are celebrated by our program.