Music Industry Concentration

Officially launched in Fall 2014, the Arts Management Program's Music Industry Concentration prepares students for careers in the music industry through relevant coursework, internships, and industry-related opportunities. The concentration requires 18 credit hours for ARTM majors, including:

ARTM 210: Introduction to the Music Industry (3 credit hours)
ARTM 230: History of the Recording Industry (3 credit hours)
ARTM 255: Presenting the Performing Arts (3 credit hours)
ARTM 330: Music in the Marketplace (3 credit hours)
ARTM 390: Legal Aspects of the Entertainment Industry (3 credit hours)
ARTM 401: Music Industry Internship (3 credit hours)

Visit the course catalog for course descriptions and more details about concentration requirements.

1770 Records

1770 Records, the Arts Management Program's student-run record label, was created in professor Heather McDonald’s 2011 class, Music in the Marketplace. Since its creation, students have worked with many artists that come from many genres, putting on shows at different venues around Charleston (Music Farm, Eclectic Cafe, Black Box Theater). In 2015, 1770 Records was voted “Best Reason to Enroll at CofC” by the Charleston City Paper.

The goal of 1770 Records is to bridge the gap between Charleston’s burgeoning music scene and CofC by creating opportunities for local artists to share their music, and to give students hands-on music industry experience in the process. Made up of passionate students from across disciplines, the label, its events, and its partnerships create a hub for music networking and collaboration. Visit the 1770 Records website for more information.

As of Fall 2019, 1770 Records is offered as a one-credit course, ARTM 205, that is repeatable for up to 8 credit hours. This course will involve students in the music release process of 1770 Records, including copyright and contracts, manufacturing, graphic design, distribution, marketing and promotion, and the actual release of a new single. This will be accomplished by working with musicians, graphic designers and other industry professionals. Students will get hands-on experience by selecting music and releasing singles based on current industry standards.


Launched in January 2014 with special guests Darius Rucker and Cary Ann Hearst, IN THE MIX is an Arts Management produced speaker series connecting musicians and students to music industry leaders. For this semester's series, visit our Events page. For past events, visit our Archive.

A photo of guest Shannon Herber, former ARTM Program Director Karen Chandler, and host Quentin Baxter at the March 2019 session of IN THE MIX, the Arts Management Program's music industry speaker series.

Pictured above: Guest Shannon Herber, former ARTM Program Director Karen Chandler, and host Quentin Baxter at the March 2019 session of IN THE MIX, the Arts Management program's music industry speaker series.